Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The benefits of Online Therapy

Online Therapy can help you...

In the last years, Online Therapy has become an easy way to get counseling with many advantages, like the simplicity of use, time convenience, the opportunity to think better about what to say in session, the comfort to be at home, and the fact that most of counseling sites offer anonymous services, with chat and/or e-mail, the people can experience the benefit to express themselves in written words, that sometimes is much easier than to express in person.

But those are not the only advantages of Online Therapy. With services like this the counselor can be overseas, in the other side of the World in the same virtual room, no matter if he/she is in US, UK, Australia, South America, Canada, Japan or any other country, and most of the counselors offer services in more than one language, which means that not only English speakers can be benefited with Online Therapy, but everyone.


Professional Counseling - 24 hours / 7 days a week - English, Español, Portugues

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Fragmentos Betty Martins

.___________querida amiga Carmem

já tinha saudades:=)

______a minha amizade sincera e carinho________numa rosa de todas as cores:=)

obrigada pelo seu sorriso_______lindo


Paulo Sempre

Estava "mortinho" de saudades.....
Estou mais feliz com o seu regresso.




Que bom poder continuar a ter a tua companhia online... num «ambiente» renovado. Mais importante do que os blogs espero, que tudo esteja a correr bem na companhia da família...

edson marques


Gosto muito do teu blog!

Abraços, flores, estrelas..

Cadinho RoCo

Em inglês não entendo.
Cadinho RoCo

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